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30 Days Return Policy*

The compensation will be applied to your MB Sons account if the product is returned under our 30-day money-back policy. You can either use the same card to make another transaction or have the money refunded to your bank account.

  1. Refunds for cash on delivery orders will be made to your bank account.
  2. The amount will be credited to the payment source (Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking) for prepaid orders.

Will I Be Responsible For Paying Of Returning The Product To You?

Return shipping is completely free. All resizing’s, exchanges, and refunds for all products under the 20-day money back policy will come for free return shipping.

How Do I Return The Product Within 20 Days To MB Sons?

Choose the item from your order that you want to return.

Prepare your jewellery in its original packaging, including the certificate.

If the product’s value is less than Rs. 50,000, please hand it over to the person who will be picking it up.

If the goods have a value of Rs. 50,000 or more and is being picked up by a MB Sons employee, please pass the product over to the individual arriving for pickup.

If the goods are worth more than Rs. 50,000 and the return pickup is handled by one of our third-party logistics partners, you will first get a tamper-proof package from us. Before the pickup person arrives at your door, please fasten and seal your jewellery in it. The packet is sealed and cannot be opened unless it is destroyed. Once you’ve received the tamper-proof packet, we’ll make arrangements for pickup. Please hand over the packet containing the Product to the individual on the scheduled pickup day.

Please obtain an acknowledgement (paper pickup receipt/photo of tracking number/SMS pickup confirmation).

After a quality check, your refund will be handled to your MB Sons account in 2-3 working days after we receive the merchandise at our warehouse.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Our 20-day money-back guarantee provides you plenty of time to make sure your purchase is right. If you need to return it for any reason, we’ll gladly give you a full refund or exchange, and we’ll even cover the shipping costs back and forth.

Returns Were Free

Return shipping is completely free. All resizing, exchanges, and refunds for all products under the 20-day money back policy will come with free return shipping. If you prefer, simply call our customer service team and we’ll send a courier to collect it from you.

Lifetime Exchange & Buy-Back Policy

The product, along with the original product certificate, can be returned for buy-back or exchanged based on its current market value, with deductions for making and processing fees of Rs.500. If you received a discount or a free gift with your purchase, we will deduct the amount of the original discount or free gift, as applicable. You have the option of returning the free gift.

After deductions for paying charges and reductions, the amount of the replaced product will be credited to your MB Sons account. This is good for 365 days and can be used to buy anything on our website (excluding coins and solitaires). The value is not redeemable.

If you opt to return the product for buyback, you will get the buy-back value via online bank transfer within 10 days of receiving the Product.

Returns of jewellery that have been altered by someone other than MB Sons will not be accepted. We have the right to adjust the product’s Exchange and Buy-Back amounts based on our quality assessment.


A deduction of Rs. 500 would be made if the original product certificate was lost.

Over and beyond the exchange/buyback policy, an additional 5% deduction will be imposed for MB Sons products not purchased via MB Sons Stores/Website( For exchange/buyback, the original invoice and certificate must be presented.

MB Sons products purchased from non-MB Sons Offline Stores are not eligible for return or exchange.

+ Free Shipping.

MB Sons offers free shipping and delivery on all items within India. For “Available in Stock” items, shipping takes 24-48 hours, and “Make to Order” items take 10 business days.

+ Transportation Insurance

MB Sons will fully insure all goods until they reach you, ensuring that your shopping is completely secure.

The Website’s Use

You guarantee and certify to the site admin that you are legally entitled to do so and to use the information made accessible via the site by visiting the website.


The trademarks, names, logos, and registered trademark (together “trademarks”) displayed on this website are trademarks of the website owner, both registered and unregistered. Without the prior written consent of the website owner, nothing on this website should be interpreted as conferring any license or right to use any trademark.

External Resources

External links are provided for your comfort, but the site admin has no control over their content. You use or depend on any external sites and the information contained there at your own risk.


Regarding the website, the website owner offers no warranties, representations, statements, or guarantees (express, implied in law, or residual).


To provide you with the best possible value, we compute our pricing utilizing current precious metal and gemstone prices. Because precious metal and gem prices fluctuate, our pricing also fluctuate. prices are subject to change at any time. Expect to be charged the price stated on the day of purchase for the MB Sons product you buy.

Refunds & Cancellation

You have the option to cancel your order for a product at any time before we issue the Dispatch Confirmation E-mail for that product. If an order contains two or more order items, you can cancel one order item without cancelling the entire order.

For prepaid orders, the payment source (Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking) will be credited with the amount.

The refund will be refunded to your MB Sons Cash account once the merchandise is returned under our 20-Day Money Back policy (not applicable on coins). You can either use the same card to make another transaction or have the money reimbursed to your bank account.

Refunds for cash on delivery orders will be made to your bank account.

The amount of prepaid orders will be credited to the payment source (Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking).

If orders placed using gift cards are cancelled or returned, the gift card amount will be repaid to the gift card.

Laws That Apply

Customers must give their Permanent Account Number (PAN) for all purchases above INR 2 lakh, according to current Government of India requirements.

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